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Premier on March 28th, 2019

In collaboration with choreographer Nanine Linning Irina Shaposhnikova creates costumes for The Stuttgart Ballet and Theater Weimar in celebration of 100 years of Germany's first democratic constitution and the establishment of the revolutionary Bauhaus School. The costumes are designed to empower the dancers in the fight for democracy and the human rights. The blue long skirts and masks reminiscent of samurai are made of unique and specially developed material for Revolt. The pleated rubber textile digitally designed, laser cut out of rubber and heat transferred onto various fabrics to create the structural effect on the costumes. 

Weimar 1919: The city and the year in which Germany's first democratic constitution was declared, in which the monarchy was abolished and basic liberties and rights as well as the vote for women were established. In the same year the revolutionary new school was founded, a school which united crafts and fine arts for the first time, a school which accepted students regardless of their sex, religion, ethnicity and educational background: Bauhaus school. 

Choreography: Nanine Linning
Costumes: Irina Shaposhnikova
Stage & Light: Ingo Joos
Music: Michael Gordon
Electronic Assembly: Dieter Fenchel

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