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‘With his choreographic implementation, Etienne Béchard has created a choreographic anatomy of anger that gets under the skin, the powerful images of which continue to have an impact’

Premiere 14TH October 2023

Feelings are complex. They can remain invisible and hidden or find their expression in the physical and expressive. The intersection between inner emotion and external affect is particularly important in dance: the movement triggers a movement and manifests itself through the body in space and time. What happens when feelings are translated into movement? 

French choreographer Etienne Bechard in collaboration with costume designer Irina Shaposhnikova and set designer Verena Hemmerlein

explore the emotion of anger.  Together they create a laboratory scene that shows a ficional society where human emotions are beeing controlled and manipulated. The group of scientists dressed in sleek dark grey suits carry out oppressive experiments on the participants placing them in sitiatios that push them to their limits and where they are supposed to learn to suppress their anger.

Choreography: Etienne Béchard

Music Direction: Artem Lonhinov

Stage: Verena Hemmerlein

Costume: Irina Shaposhnikova

Light: Christian Aufderstroth

Dramaturgy: Isabelle Bischof & Bettina Fischer

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