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Irina Shaposhnikova is an artist and costume designer who creates work internationally for theatre, opera, dance, film and special projects. Her vision and aesthetics focuses on highly innovative design using latest cutting edge materials and techniques on a wide range of costume and art projects. She finds inspiration in craftsmanship, experimenting with unconventional pattern-making and assembly techniques.


Shaposhnikova graduated from fashion department of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp after completing her studies at the University of Arts London. Her MA collection that bears her signature soon earned critical acclaim from an international media and industry professionals. Her work has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, Wallpaper as well as exhibited in Boijmans Museum (NL) and MOMU Museum (BE) to name a few.

While working in the fashion industry Shaposhnikova quickly discovered her interest and passion for theatre and costume design for opera and contemporary dance. She collaborated and created costumes for The Stuttgart Ballet, The Bavarian State Opera, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Theatre Heidelberg, The Greek National Opera, Theatre Bielefeld, Opera Graz, Royal Theatre Carre and most recently Bern Ballett.


In addition to teaching and lecturing at various universities Shaposhnikova was leading fashion design course at British Higher School of Art and Design for several years. She was also a visiting professor at the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and Raffles Instituto Moda e Design in Milan.


Tel: +32486911550

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