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Premiere 30th September 2023 


Opera Graz commissioned four directing teams to immerse themselves in aesthetically completely different universes with very different artistic approaches: film animation, puppetry and choreographically moving bodies in creation of the Tales of Hoffmann. 


For the 3rd Actof Tales of Hoffmann Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning teams up with costume designer Irina Shaposhnikova to create the story surrounding the seductive courtesan Giulietta in a Venice. With the Tales of Hoffmann, based on the story Jacques Offenbach, the audience immerse themselves in the dazzling world full of fantastic characters and events. The courtesan's dress  designed by Shaposhnikova and the hall of mirrors used to steal Hoffmann's reflection while the choir dressed in blue sculptural costumes appear from the darkness as water rising and falling as tides in the moonlight in Venice. 

Director: Nanine Linning

Stage: Stefan Rieckhoff

Costumes: Irina Shaposhnikova

Light: Sebastian Alphons

Dramaturgy: Christin Hagemann

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