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Premiere on 19th May 2023

The winner of FEDORA Prize 2023 UNTOLD is a multi- disciplinary opera that shows the Chinese precursor of the Cinderella fairy tale.

Co-created by composer Alex Ho, choreographer Julia Cheng and costume designer Irina Shaposhnikova UNTOLD is an opera exploring the British –Chinese identity through music and movement. Long before Cinderella, this tale is in truth one version of the much older story of Ye Xian from the Tang Dynasty from the early 9th century. UNTOLD retells this story by integrating contemporary classical music, movement, costumes and Chinese and western instruments into an immersive experience that blends genres, art-forms and cultures.

Concept: Julia Cheng / Alex Ho

Composition: Alex Ho

Choreography: Julia Cheng

Light & Scenography: Peter Quasters

Costumes: Irina Shaposhnikova

Costume Assistant: Sabrina Seifried

Dramaturgy: Elayce Ismail

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