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"The opera world thrives on the often tragic fortunes of female characters, and is populated by the beloved singers who embody them. Behind the scenes, on the other hand, women are less likely to be at the helm. Surprising… or maybe not? If women in opera are rarely portrayed as strong leaders, could that help explain why they rarely hold the keys to an opera house?"

In SOLA SOLETTA, the American soprano Maribeth Diggle (USA) examines these gender-related hierarchies in a socially critical and poetic way. With an idiosyncratic performer cast and the Argentine composer Ezequiel Menalled. His score fuses lyricism, contemporary vocal techniques and live electronics into a sensuous sound design. 


In collaboration with costume designer Irina Shaposhnikova, Maribeth gives a completely different look at Mimi from Puccini's La Bohème, one of the most famous operatic characters of all time, by starting from the woman's point of view.

Concept, Directing Maribeth Diggle 

Directing assistant Gaia Saitta 

Composition, electronica: Ezequiel Menalled  

Dramaturgy  Katherina Lindekens  

Musical dramaturgy Steven Prengels 

Choreography  Lisi Estaras  

Artistic advice  Nicole Beutler  

Voice, acting, dance Maribeth Diggle, Lisi Estaras, Eurudike De Beul 

Scenography Za Florizazoponet 

Costumes Irina Shaposhnikova 

Make-up Marissa Coster 

Production  Maribeth Diggle, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and Muziektheater Transparant 

CoproductionFund for the Performing Arts and Perpodium

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