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Premiere 14TH October 2023

What happens when feelings are translated into movement? What does it look like when you communicate through dancing? Can you dance with a tender feelings? Commissioned by Bern Ballett Armenian choreographer Rima Pipoyan cerates work around the topic of love. Large light frames designed by Verena Hemmerian float at various points on the stage; the dancers, some standing alone and some in pairs, step out of them. The idea of the frames and layers is also translated in the costumes by Irina Shaposhnikova. Appearing through the frames in colourful monochrome asymmetric skirts and tops dancers are transforming and deconstructing costumes during the performance into transparent see through layered dresses.

Choreography: Rima Pipoyan

Music Direction: Artem Lonhinov

Stage: Verena Hemmerlein

Costume: Irina Shaposhnikova

Light: Christian Aufderstroth

Dramaturgy: Isabelle Bischof & Bettina Fischer

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