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DUSK World Premier: November 11, 2017, Theatre and Orchestra Heidelberg

DUSK is the first collaboration between designer Irina Shaposhnikova and choreographer Nanine Linning and Theatre Heidelberg.

In three unique parts costume designer explores the ability of energy field to change its physical states and form. Made of laser cut and coper printed plastics the costumes are designed to visualise the force field of the body. Within three parts the costumes become less expansive and reduced. Through the various study of motion the costumes open up new possibilities of the physical expression for dancers. 

In the second part costume designer Shaposhnikova experiments with digital file manipulation and pixelation of the images resulting the blurring of silhouettes and its visual disappearance. Through computer graphics the image of the body is over enlarged causing it to break into pixels, single-coloured squares. The costumes made of multiple layered coloured square plastics tiles appear to be blurry. The disappearance of silhouettes is also expressed in stage and light design. Behind the transparent foil filled with smoke dancers seem to merge out of nowhere. Visible for a moment they slowly disappear in the sense of fading.


Choreography & Stage design: Nanine Linning
Costumes: Irina Shaposhnikova
Licht Design: Ingo Jooß
Dramaturgy: Lucas Herrmann
Associate Dramaturg: Peggy Olislaegers

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