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 Di Lasso's Tranen Van Petrus

In Di Lasso’s Tears of Saint Peter, the Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor) places Orlando di Lasso’s masterpiece in a contemporary setting. What happens to man in times of isolation, desperation and loneliness?

Irin Shaposhnikova designs costumes for Marijn Rademaker (former principal dancer at the Dutch National Ballet and Stuttgart Ballet) who dances the role of Peter, apostle and one of Jesus’ most loyal followers and the choir. The despair and loneliness that follow in his darkest hours are brought to life in a scenic interplay between Peter and the choir, co-directed by Tido Visser and Nanine Linning. Peter’s struggle is observed and accompanied by seven singers trapped in life- sized glass columns, separating them from each other and from Peter. The monotone colours of the costumes and silhouettes are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper transforming the scene into a new setting.

Netherlands Chamber Choir in
collaboration with Dance Company Nanine Linning

Peter Dijkstra chief conductor
Marijn Rademaker  dance

Tido Visser co-direction and concept
Nanine Linning co-direction and choreography
Irina Shaposhnikova costume design
Pink Steenvoorden (Einstein design) light and set design

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